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Comfortable surfing with keyboard

Firefox is moving to enable only Web Extension add-ons. Web extensions doesn't allow to create hotkeys without any modifier keys (Ctrl or Alt), which means the Surfkeys can not be ported to the new technology without losing it's main functionalities. That's why the extension will not work in Firefox 57 and above.


Why is a mouse good for web surfing? Because it is easy to use with just one hand while the other is doing something else, or just taking rest.
But - for example - if you are using your notebook without mouse or you don't really like the mouse or other pointer devices but you like to use the keyboard because it's fast, you must try the Surfkeys

SurfKeys is a project that aims to make comfortable surfing possible with just one hand using just keyboard.


  • Smooth scrolling with h, j, k and l-keys
  • Switching tabs with one keypress
  • Moving tabs
  • Browsing easily Next and Previous search result pages e.g. google with n and p-keys

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Todo list

  • Any new idea making keyboard-surfing more comfortable

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