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SurfKeys 0.6.4
  • Removed global variables
  • Several fixes
SurfKeys 0.6.3
  • Rename SK namespace to avoid conflict with other extensions.
SurfKeys 0.6.2
  • Lots of stuffs are rewritten, using newer technologies of Firefox
  • New panel to edit patterns of next/previous pages
SurfKeys 0.6
  • Add Swedish translation, thanks to Mikael Hiort af Ornäs
SurfKeys 0.6
  • Next/Prev improvements
    • Add next/prev configuration panel
    • To specify the next/prev link you can use now the title or the rel attributes of the links.
    • Regular expressions to define a site
    • Next/Prev links only for search and image search by default.
    • Mappings for link relationships: Some web page, like some GNU documentation page has special properties, which defines relations to the current page, for example the "next", the "previous" and the "upper" pages. You can browse easily on these pages with the next (m) previous (n) and the new c hotkeys.
  • Keys
    • Add key configuration panel
    • f: Focus to the first tab
    • v: Focus to the last tab
    • c: Go up (if defined in the HTML. For more details see the mappings for link relationships)
    • [: Go to the top of the page
    • ]: Go to the bottom of the page
SurfKeys 0.5.1
  • The default key bindings are changed to VIM style keys. The new bindings are:
    • j: Down
    • k: Up
    • h: Left
    • l: Right
  • Add b key to move the current to the beginning of the tab list.
  • Add e key to move the current to the end of the tab list.
  • Add d key to put the focus to the search field.
  • If you reach the end or the beginning of the tab list, the next tab or previous tab keys will continue the tab switching from the last or the first tab.
  • Fixed bug: The page down and page up functions didn't work in pages with frames. - thanks Rick-112 for the patch.
  • Compatibility extended to Firefox 3.0.* version.
SurfKeys 0.5.0
  • Compatibility with Firefox 3
  • Add shift+u for move current tab left and shift+o to move current tab right
  • fix y and w hotkeys
SurfKeys 0.4.2
SurfKeys 0.4.1
SurfKeys 0.4
SurfKeys 0.2
SurfKeys 0.1